The Transformation Of An Apartment Could Be Yours!

The Transformation Of An Apartment Could Be Yours!

Improve the appearance of an old house is essential is that it is used by the owners for residential purposes, whether it is an investment aimed rent. Competition is increasingly fierce and more people resort to online platforms to advertise their apartments, so it is crucial to keep up with the times. The landscape of the interior of the MUDA studies have dealt with a house that seemed forgotten for years, let’s see!

Create a truly special place

One of the best places to build the oven is cooking but, as we can see in this image, we must not underestimate the garden or the terrace of the house indolexa. In this case it is particularly fascinating harmony of the composition where the green, stones, bricks and wood are an ideal setting to enjoy the outside in moments of conviviality.

The passion for the country!

If you are fascinated by the idea of ??a super-rustic brick area, this will no doubt be your favorite project. Although at first glance may seem like a place a bit ‘too bohemian, the true fans will surely appreciate the rustic aesthetic contaminated with industrial elements, in which materials such as concrete and wooden dialogue harmoniously.

Do not forget that the best way to make a more pleasant environment is to ensure that it is comfortable; In this regard a generous amount of furnishings,

The importance of the structure

The interior decoration specialist, Bianka Mugnatto, offers this beautiful dining room where all the elements are part of a very inviting and natural environment. In this case, the oven is at the center of the scene, with its imposing dimensions highlights the verticality of the interior. The simple rustic materials are complemented by a complex composition of traditional elements, the wooden roof and a beautiful natural light.

A perfect holiday home!

A multifunction oven

Just a glance to realize that this beautiful bakery is certainly not conventional. Thanks to its shape, the well refined structure and a certain level of multifunctionality is truly irresistible. It is an excellent item to complete the project of a home for the family a barbecue with an integrated oven and a wood-burning oven ready to whet your palate with the most delicious culinary preparations!

A tall and robust oven

This oven and barbecue reaches the maximum height of the house, towering forcefully and decisively in space. Even this option highlights the verticality of the interior claiming a further role with respect to its function. Obviously the choice of a good professional and participation in the project will be decisive elements for those who want a model of oven like this.

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