That Should Be Considered Before Making A Tattoo

Tattoo ever identified with the criminals, gang members, or sailor–one of them thanks to the character Popeye the sailor. But later, the art of the tattoo is also of interest to other people that have nothing to do with the profession-the profession of creepy. Even some Office workers ever graced his body with tattoos.

The rise of trends that may make you want to make the tattoo. But before deciding on it and before the needle tattoo already penetrated your skin, consider actually a couple of things:

1. Think resetting

The tattoo will stick to your skin forever. So contemplate whether you want no images cannot be deleted in your body. If you are confident, the next question is whether the image you select you really like?

The question of the choice of this picture it’s good You consider first what you like, and don’t forget to browse a wide selection of pictures with similar or different themes.

Some people with the name of her lover’s body or favourite character, ultimately disappointed because he turned out to be hopelessly in love for example, or turns out to be no longer liked the character of it.

2. Select a suitable tattoo artists

Tattoo art is not cheap. The price of a tattoo on your arm could reach millions of dollars. But this is not a reason to search for any tattoo artist. You need to consider a portfolio of selected tattoo artists, for example through the results of his work on Instagram, or based on a friend’s references do indeed understand reserved tattoo.


Usually the tattoo artist whose work will be great. That is, to make a tattoo of him, we need to fill the waiting list, which can be up to several months.

In addition, most tattoo artists have a distinctive style that became a defining feature. Some people make a very nice tattoo picture a person’s face, others are better in the oriental style (usually the style of Japan). There are also specialize in engineering, technical, traditional or otherwise, like style or Mentawai Islands.

Bottom line, there is an awful lot of style in tattoos, and each artist is usually have more expertise on one style. Then choose a tattoo artist that fits Your image and style desires.

3. find a professional

Make a tattoo is not done with any needles and ink. There are specific tools and specific terms to refer to a tattoo studio is worth a visit. Remember, the scent of tattoo studio that sometimes such as hospitals, because the tools used must be sterile and clean.


Maybe there are friends who are learning to make tattoos and offers to Your body as sacked his first works. We recommend that you do not do it though. Search for artists who are already producing some works, and that is important to your taste.

4. Consult your options

Maybe you like the particular image for painted on your body. But most beginners, or those who first made the tattoo, not enough considering that image. Then we recommend that you consult a tattoo artist.


Generally, the maker of the tattoo will give suggestions and feedback, or offer a choice of similar images. They can also offer other styles, the choice of color, size, or location.

After an image is agreed, the tattoo artist will typically make a sketch–could be on paper or directly on your body–and if all feel that picture match, then a new tattoo needles will begin to incorporate ink into your skin.

5. consider your career

Does your workplace allows someone tattooed? Remember not all places offer jobs to people who tattooed, pierced, or using other body accessories.

If you are a top-class professional, you can create a tattoo on the body part that is not visible when you get dressed.

6. Stand the pain

Tattoos are made with needle pierced with thousands of times the ink into your skin. You ready to withstand the pain of it? Some parts of the body feels more pain than any other part of the tattooed moments, such as the neck, armpit, around part of the wrist, and elsewhere.

Therefore, try to choose a place that is not too painful if punctured needle. Generally the outside arm and back is relatively painless when tattooed. Lest you intend to make the writing on your chest, but later stopped in the middle of the road as you do not withstand the pain. Can-can it have another meaning.

7. Prepare yourself

When will make a tattoo, you have to be in a healthy state. Do not drink alcoholic beverages, are not taking the drug, and some tattoo artists recommend not to drink coffee before.

This is associated with theĀ  blood and endurance against pain that arises. Coffee can make our blood more dilute, so when the skin punctured needle tattoo, more blood coming out. Creation of a tattoo can also make a person experience a fever because the body reacts to treat the wounded part, so make sure you are in a healthy condition.

In addition, you should eat and drink enough, since the creation of the tattoo can take many hours.

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