How To Renew The Bathroom For Less Than 1000 €

How To Renew The Bathroom For Less Than 1000 €

Sometimes the budget minded you can achieve very good results; You only need to know what are the tricks to maximize the success of your surgery.

When speaking of the bathroom one is led to believe that all operations relating to it is costly both in terms of time and money … Today I will demonstrate, through ten brilliant examples, which is not always the case. It is possible, relying on the right experts, make delicious low-cost changes.

The mosaics

As already mentioned, through small changes can really make a difference! The color and dynamism of the tiles on the wall of this bathroom are definitely examples.

The Meuse y Quito study proposes a journey into the world in a fresh world of vital and imaginative shapes.

Insert small details

You can bring a wave of renewal in an environment by tackling existing mobile change the color of a table, add small details, accessories and ceramic decorations, finding space for a table with a new patina or even a stool worked in decoupage are just some of the tricks with which bring freshness in your environment.

Change the curtains


For those who would not paint or buy new furniture remember that the replacement of a tent can make a major visual change. New colors, textures and graphics to the vividly contrasting fabric textures will attract attention with the rest of the environment.

Insert new lights

Another small but significant change is to choose new lamps. Place a captivating light point in a strategic place can very positively affect the identity of the space on which you operate. If you can not purchase new devices, you know that even a simple change of position will have a good effect, changing the lights and shadows within the room.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Add new items is not the only way to make changes to your home. Get rid of everything that is old is a good way to change vibration of a place. Keep an orderly environment, make room, and inserted in place of the now useless objects new details it is a good exercise for your mind.

Choose cardboard furniture for the children’s room

Cardboard is a cheap and environmentally friendly material in spite of what you believe is incredibly durable. Its light weight makes it a very versatile material as it is easy to fold and carry. In this case, as you can see, the cardboard furniture of children’s room are of great practicality and originality!

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