Emma Ferrer, Nephew Of Audrey Hepburn Refined Beauty Itself

Emma Ferrer, Nephew Of Audrey Hepburn Refined Beauty Itself

A particularly beautiful, sophisticated. A chic demeanor, almost snobby but not snooty. Emma Ferrer is beautiful, young and, above all, is the nephew of Audrey Hepburn. On the other hand the eyes do not lie, and the similarity with the grandmother is printed on the face.

Only 20 years old Emma Ferrer but with his lovely naturalness and sophisticated beauty has already won the cover of Harper’s Bazaar September http://kacamatapedia.com, photographed by another child – indeed, nipote- of art Michael Avedon, whose grandfather Richard Avedon told memorable shots with the history of the last century.

Emma is the daughter of Audrey’s eldest son, Sean Hepburn Ferrer. The girl has never known his grandmother, who died a year before his birth, but the blood relationship between the two is clear and ending with those traits so kind and refined that characterize the face.

Emma is beautiful, that beauty is not contrived. Mora as Audrey, the same cut of eyes, the same lips. A beauty perhaps less ethereal and more carnal, but for the first time in front of a camera lens the result is incredible. In the shots Avedon Emma Lanvin dress, the style is elegant and chic, the same that made Audrey Hepburn icon of fashion, style and elegance.

Emma revealed

As a child I never RELATED TO THE Audrey actress. For me she was the family. I met her through my father, his stories have accompanied me in my growth as a person …. I often thought that she was the friend that I always wanted. Only as an adult, I understood what my grandmother means to me

Beautiful but not fatal, nerd and rapid learning, supported by a brash confidence that led her to wear a dress of low cost English Reiss chain for official engagement photos taken by Mario Testino, while any other Cinderella would choose a suit by a thousand and one nights

Not even Diana, of which she took over the script adding us the happy end, was able to do so to turn the elegant but unknown British brands into something extremely desirable. The aristocratic Diana, camouflaged for years after his monumental clumsy old English manufacture clothing physically, when you shed husband and wardrobe exploded in the hands of Italian Gianni Versace.Kate has conquered the world first with easy wrap dresses outlets in major British department store Jigsaw, where she also worked (and where apparently received in his office the fatal farewell call William, still unprepared for marriage)

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