Aluminum vs. Steel Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

pro series cargo carrier

pro series cargo carrierIt’s always difficult when you have to choose the material of hitch mount cargo carrier that you are going to buy. Each material surely has its characteristic and its specific function when the first time it was made. From all possible materials, people always compare aluminum with steel. Which one is better? Find the answers below.

Depends On the Fabrication

Compared from its fabrication, aluminum and steel have some similarities that beneficial for you. Both of aluminum and steel racks are able to display excellent load bearing capability. It will definitely give you no worry in putting all your stuff on the cargo carrier since both of the materials are safe.

Loading Capacity

Just like the previous factor, both aluminum and steel cargo carrier have high load capacity. Normally it will take about 200-300 pounds weight when people having a long trip, but both materials can deal with the maximum of 500 pounds weight. Of course you need to install it very properly if you plan to put things with that much weight.

Ease of Assembly

When it comes to assembly, one of them is a little bit better than the other one. Assembling aluminum cargo carrier will take minutes while it probably takes hours to assembly the steel one. It’s because a cargo carrier with steel materials have more components and more complicated ways to install.

Different Characteristics

Come to this factor, aluminum and steel have a controvert point. Steel trays are stronger but also heavier than the aluminum which gives you more challenge in installing it. Steel racks also require more thorough coating and painting to prevent corrosion while aluminum doesn’t rust but get scratched easily.

Both of aluminum and steel are good materials for a cargo carrier, but at some point of view, one material is better than the other one. In this case, aluminum hitch mount cargo carrier is a little bit in front of the steel one.

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