8 Ideas For A Small Kitchen To Try Out In Your Apartment

8 Ideas For A Small Kitchen To Try Out In Your Apartment

A nice kitchen and easy to use, has a huge impact on the life of the house. After all, this is the place where you spend a significant part of our time. But when you are confronted with limited space, it takes a good dose of creativity and ingenuity in more to make a small functional kitchen. The basic configuration of the kitchen is the factor that can really determine all the choices in terms of furniture. So in this Book of the ideas we present 8 projects for the kitchen to try out in your apartment. Follow us.

An island truly integrated kitchen

To integrate the small kitchen area with the rest of the house, especially in the case of an open space, where the kitchen and living are configured as a single space http://sahatihotel.com/hotel-pasar-minggu-jakarta-selatan, the kitchen island is one of the best possible solutions, as an element of division and fitting, to make the fluid space and organically integrated.

The configuration U

The small kitchens are often deficient in terms of light natural light. If you have an apartment like what we see, a good idea is to use a series of suspended and open shelves to allow the light to spread in natural cooking way.

The linear kitchen

The cooking area of ??the kitchen we see is arranged in a linear configuration, which allows you to also furnish a passing angle. The idea is based on an extreme simplicity, on which you can insert the elements the work bench from yellow, to introduce a note of color in an environment dominated by white.

A unique approach

The small kitchen has a very interesting layout. The central bank creates a space for the preparation and also serves as a table for casual dining. The floor plan allows you to stay stools, using all the available space optimally.

Focus on transparency

Even in the smallest room there is an element that can help to break down barriers and implement the airiness of the space, ie, the glass. With transparencies on tables, lamps and vases, seasoning everything with the white inevitable, this project focuses on simplicity to create an impeccable layout.

Formalities and comfort

A palette very dear to the minimalist influences and will remain in vogue even during the new season approaching. The symmetry of the arrangement of sofas, coffee table, wall unit and library is a sophisticated and formal modernity suited to the most rigorous and contemporary loft.

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